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Learning from a Lizard

Sitting outside this afternoon, enjoying the cool temperatures, I had a brief moment to observe a new lizard in my backyard. He's new only because he was hatched in my rock garden just this summer. I've loved reptiles since I was a child, but in Iowa, you really only get to see them in pet stores. Living in Arizona for nearly 15 years I've been able to observe them nearly year round, and I have discovered one of their secret methods of communication.

This newly hatched lizard was perched on top of a landscape rock in a very visible part of my back yard and he was communicating that he is the ruler of his little neighborhood. He wanted to be seen, to be known, recognized, and respected even in his first few weeks of life. His chosen rock had much more to say about his own perceived stature than his diminutive size did, and he was saying it loud and proud.

If he had been at the base of the rock, he would have been communicating something entirely different. The base of the rock is not a prideful position at all. It is more of a humble spot and it speaks volumes to his self perception when he believes that someone else rules his neighborhood. We can learn a lot from this little lizard.

Jesus did not call His disciples to the top of the rock for a grandiose life, but to settle in at the base of THE rock of salvation so that we may perceive ourselves rightly. To position ourselves as submitted followers is to obey and magnify THE rock while we remain much smaller in reputation. To choose this low position is a discipline and devotion both, and it takes a complete denial of self to carry it out.

You can either be the lizard who rules your neighborhood, or you can be the lizard that has a kingdom perspective about himself.

If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.

Pastor Scott Evans

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